17 07 2012

All I can say is…THANK GOD FOR THAT!

Behind the Pixels

Exclusive Frank TrophyWith all the new and improved safety measures that have been made, we’re finally ready to return to “Free Chat!” It will be a gradual process, starting with a pilot in the Spanish Hotel today and continuing with the French and Brazilian Hotels on Thursday. If all goes well, all the rest of the Hotels will follow as soon as they’re ready, hopefully next week!

To celebrate, we’re throwing parties in all the Hotels where you can win a BADGE, a never-before-seen TROPHY and even unlock a week of FREE VIP for everyone that attended!

Get ready, Habbos… the party starts in Spain already on Wednesday at 1pm Spanish time!

PS: You can also read what Paul had to say about returning to filtered chat here ››

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New Safety Measures To Be Introduced (And my views)

30 06 2012

As you are aware, the Great Unmute was launched last week and allowed users from all active hotels to express their views on the mute which then lead to Sulake deciding to use limited chat facilities. Of course, these new safety measures won’t make Habbo 100% safe and Sulake is aware of this but after Channel 4 exposing the bad elements of habbo which lead to stores such as WHSmith refusing to sell credit cards, there’s no way Sulake could just sit there and do nothing Users Protestingproductive about it. However, what I hate is that Habbo has been the ONLY online hangout for young people that has been talked about in such a manner. I’m sure the majority of habbo users have been on or regularly go on sites similar to habbo. Not similar in activities that take place but similar in the fact that they are also aimed at young people. EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE aimed at teenagers WILL DEFINITELY attract pedophiles. It’s inevitable. We can never prevent pedophiles from making accounts on such websites nor can we put a stop to it but what we can do is reduce the amount of such behavior online and ban users if they persist on doing so. I know many other sites that are affected by pedophiles. Our World, Zwinky, Stardoll, Movie Star Planet, Gaia, Meez and many, many more. But have these websites been exposed? No.  Which is why it’s extremely unfair that habbo has been the only site targeted and affected by these issues. However I do understand that Habbo’s moderation before the scandal was incredibly poor as users would often be told to simply just ignore another user if bad language was used towards them whilst other innocent users would simply say a short phrase and be banned from a few hours to a month. Most users have been unfairly punished whilst the MINORITY of users who ruin it for us all have managed to get away with explicit behavior…up until now that is.

But anyway, here are the new safety measures. These were introduced in Finland but will soon be released to all Hotels:

  • All users are required to complete a safety quiz in order to re-enter the siteHabbo Guardians
  • Tracking measures to link virtual interactions to real identities
  • Active staff moderators will be present (Finally!)
  • Users can volunteer to be given the opportunity to become Guardians which will act as a “user-populated virtual police service”. This opportunity will be given once users reach the highest stage of Habbo Helper (I just hope this system won’t be abused!)
  • Users can respond to any information requests so staff are free to deal with the more serious reports
  • All users begin with limited chat until they can redeem themselves through responsible interaction (I think this may reduce or even stop new users who intend to spam rooms with malicious sites such as those ending with “.tk”)
  • Moderators will be alerted to any inappropriate content
  • The emergency button will become more prominent in order to encourage its use
I think that Sulake have a good thing going here with these ideas. It may lead to habbo becoming more of a community again with the idea of Guardians. This reminds me of Hobbas, eXperts and guides. I only had a habbo account just as the eXperts program was coming to an end but I think it was quite effective. In my opinion, it should be brought back. It didn’t have security problems like Hobbas and it worked well as there were different kinds of eXperts.  This meant that new users or users experiencing difficulties could be helped in any circumstance as there would definitely be an eXpert appropriate for the problem at hand.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this and here’s a small poll:

Mute Update From Paul

22 06 2012

Wow. Limited speech. Well, it’s better than nothing I suppose but conversations will be extremely bland for the next few days…

Behind the Pixels


Here is the plan of action over the next few days. Firstly, we are already live in Finland verifying that changes to the safety system are making a difference. Users are having conversations that have some limitations to start. Finnish users are helping improve the system through interactive polls and direct feedback to staff. We have IP blocked Finland to keep the environment primarily Finnish speaking Habbos so we can improve filter performance. This is a temporary measure.

Once we are satisfied that the new safety approach has improved our effectiveness, we will begin to open up the conversation functions in two other markets, most likely Spain and Brazil. This will mark the beginning of the Great Go-Live and we are working to kick off this…

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13 06 2012

Wow. I saw the coverage about habbo yesterday. I can’t believe they’ve made it out to be some sort of hangout for paedos. Habbo isn’t like that. Sure, you get perverts in certain rooms but God, you’re even muted if you say the word “Penis” or something along those lines.

Behind the Pixels

I am greatly saddened that following reports of abusive behaviors amongst a very small part of the Habbo community we have taken the decision to mute all conversations across the site.

We are still reviewing our long-term plans for the Habbo community, and would like to thank our millions of loyal users for their support at this challenging time. This decision has not been taken lightly and underlines the company’s continuing commitment to ensure that all our site users remain safeguarded from inappropriate behavior and conversations.

Our internal investigation is currently on-going, but we will be sure to inform all users of further developments in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, my thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Tutorial: How to become an Official Habbo Helper

11 06 2012

I know a lot of you have found this quite confusing so I’m going to break it down into a few simple steps and in no time, you can become a Habbo Helper!

  1. On hotel view, it should say “The new habbo way”. “Click take a look at the habbo way” and take a look at the Do’s and Don’ts.
  2. After you’ve been through all the Do’s and Don’ts, there should be a quiz at the end of it. Get 5/5 on the quiz and you get a badge. But don’t worry, you don’t HAVE to get it right the first time. You can get it wrong as many times as you like as you are allowed to try again. The questions are fairly easy so I won’t waste your time going through them.
  3. Join the Official Habbo Helpers group by clicking here. Or, click rooms on the sidebar and search for “mKiukku” and enter the room called “Official Base for Habbo Helpers” and click the badge to join the group.
  4. You should receive a badge for joining
  5. To become a habbo helper, you need to be helped yourself. I find this a bit stupid but in actual fact, even if you’ve been a member for as long as I have, you still need to get a feel of the new guide system.
  6. Click on “Me” then click “Talents” to familiarize yourself on what is required to become a Helper
  7. Firstly, make sure the “Covering the basics” section is completed. Then the “Greenhorn no more” section. Once those are both completed, the section titled “A helping hand” should be unlocked so you can begin your journey to becoming a helper!

EDIT: The Habbo Way Quiz is no longer accessible via the hotel view, you must now click “Help” then “The Habbo Way”

10 06 2012

I’m actually quite excited about Habbo Helpers! It sounds like it’s going to be just like Guides but maybe even better. This is the first time in a while that I’ve been excited about something new coming to habbo.

Behind the Pixels

Today marked a big day, as the entire Habbo Helpers program took its first trying steps outside the walls of the test Hotels! In order to make 100% sure that everything worked when put together the way it’s supposed to be (keep in mind that the test Hotels had been subjected to only bits and pieces), the team decided to do a “pre-release” one day early in Habbo.com.

Good news is… this launch has so far been going really great, which means that the rest of the Hotels will likely follow this Thursday!

In other words: Habbo Helpers is nearly 100% done, and unless you’re in .COM, your wait is almost over: tomorrow is the day – yay!

Until then, I thought we’d look at the answers to some of your questions about Habbo Helpers. I chose the ones that hadn’t already been answered in some way or another…

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Au Revoir Pixels! :(

10 06 2012

Very soon, (the 19th June to be specific) Pixels will be REMOVED from habbo COMPLETELY. For some, this is seen to be a drastic movement, I can say that it certainly is for me. According to Habbo, pixels are being removed because they had a different system in mind whilst creating them but apparently things didn’t go to plan. They wanted pixels to be based on the amount of activity you do and expire after a while. If pixels expired, that’d be terrible for me because I have LOADS. Also, apparently “the Pixel imbalance is just too big” which is why seasonal currencies were introduces such as snowflakes and hearts. But what I’m thinking is if pixels didn’t turn out how habbo intended them to in the first place, why weren’t they removed years ago?

“Why don’t habbo just try and create better pixel rewards?” I hear you ask! This is because some habbos have many pixels (such as myself) whilst others have next to nothing so this wouldn’t be fair. But I think it could be because then it could encourage people to start collecting them. Because pixels are usually always awarded when we achieve something, now, habbo are hoping to instead give badges and “fun new skills and tools” which sounds like something we can perhaps look forward to.

I do think I’m going to miss pixels a lot. It’s been a part of Habbo for as long as I can remember. It feels like a huge part of Habbo history is being taken away. Like the big hand, Bobba and old habbo in general. I guess now we have to say a HUGE farewell to pixels. I advise you all to stock up on your favourite effects because they are going to be removed for a while once pixels are removed. They might be replaced with new effects for all we know but the good thing is that Pixels are going to go out with a bang. A special “Farewell To Pixels” campaign will be launched next week and on 19th June, Habbo are planning to install a count down timer to all hotels to say a special goodbye.